Rob Bourdon

Name: Robert Gregory Bourdon
Birth: January 20, 1979 - Calabasas, Califórnia
Function: Drummer/Percussionist 
Nickname: Rob
Equipments: Gretsch kit, Gibraltar Hardware, Zildjian cymbals, emo heads, Vater sticks, Rane headphone amp, Alesis DM-5 drum module, Shure E-1 in-ear monitors, D-drum trigger pads.

Rob was bornin Calabasas, California. He is Jew and son of American parents.  He has a youger brother called David. He’s not married and don’t have any childens. Rob doesn’t have any tattoos because his religion does not allow.

He droped out high school to dedicate the band. because of that he doesn’t have a diploma.

When he was a child he was forced to play piano.  Today, he always plays when he has time.  When he was 9 years old, he went in The Great Western Forum to see a Aerosmith’s concert, this was his first concert. Some people say that his mother was the girlfrindfrom the drummer from Aerosmith and she helped them to choose the name of the band. Because of that, Rob wanted play drums in a big band. When he was 10 years old, rob started to play songs from other bands with his friends. He says that was amazing when he saw the name of his band in the theater where he was inspired. He played in a lot of bands when he was young. One of the bands he played with Brad Delson. The group was call Relative Degree, they played rock with rap and funk. The only objective was play in The Roxy, when they finally played there, the band broke. When he started the high school he liked funk.

Later, Rob joined with Brad and Mike, together they formed Xero, which in the future became Linkin Park.

ALthough Rob is not a model for Matrix (clothing line), Rob usually uses the brand's shirts in concertes (You can see him wearing a Matrix's shirt on the Points of Authority's live video).

For Rob, everything has to be perfect, when he was a child, he stayed three hours in a corner of his house trying to learn how to tie his shoe's laces. According to the band, he don't mess up not even on the band's practices. Rob didn't have to re-record anything for Reanimation. But he decided to hear the work from his bandmates, and express his opnions. If he didn't like something, he had to tell the band, they  had to change everything until they get it the rigth way. Rob plays drumms with car pilot's shoes. He says that it gives him more control with the pedals. He likes to play piano and surf when he have time. Rob was once a waiter. his 

most exciting moment was when the band received gold for the CD Hybrid Theory.