Mike Shinoda

Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Function: Guitarist, Keyboard and Vocal
Birth: 11/02/77 - Agoura, Califórnia
Nicknames: Akira, Shinizzle, Spike Minoda, Mike
Equipments: Audio Technica wireless mic, PRS guitars, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads, Mesa Boogie cabinets, Digidesign Protools software & hardware, Anteres software, Waves software, Emagic hardware, Roland keyboard modules, AKAI S-900 & MPC 2000 
Mike Shinoda, as we know, was born in Panorama City, California, and grew up in Agoura. American Parents, Father descendant to Japanese and Mother descendant from Europeans, he says that he is related to the famous Tchaikowsky. He has a younger brother called Jason. He is married to the writer Anna Hillinger, he has two dogs and a son that was born in February 2009.

When he was younger, he took piano classes for 10 years, he was tired of it , when he turned 13 he started with keyboard, samples and then guitar, he also knows how to play bass and knows how to play most of the instruments with strings. While he was learning piano, he learned some tricks for classic piano, he started playing jazz and then he went to the hip-hop. He met Brad in middle school, since then they are friends, Mike and Brad created a small studio in Mike's room, where they recorded and wrote some songs. He studied Graphic Design and got his masters in Illustration at the Art College of Design. In the end of high school he met Rob Bourdon, which joined the group and created the band Xero, then he met David Farrell, "Phoenix" Brad's roommate at UCLA, then Mark Wakefield (he left the band before it was called Hybrid Theory). After a while Chester joined them, and finally they created Linkin Park.

Mike is also the co-producer of all the records of the band.

His arts is a mix of cultures, Japanese/American ancestors, guerilla street art and his music experiences.There are many musicians that also paint,  if Mike wanted to, he could be an artist, but his hobby is the music. Mike's talent and abilities are on both areas, art and music.

Mike helped with all the art for all the albums and promotional materials for Linkin Park and Fort Minor, he designed for the DC Shows Remix Series, he was on the tv show Kid Robot to benefit the victims of the Katrina Hurricane, also he contributed with objects from celebrities for auctions such as guitars, drawings, etc...
During College, Mike went to classes at 9 am until 4 pm. Then he did his homework, usually 6 hours a day, then he went to the studio to meet with the band. The problem was that eh studio locked its door at 2 am until 8 am, no one could get in or get out, so Mike always brought with him his tooth brush and a pillow, worked the whole night, and slept for a couple hours, until they could open studio so they could get out.

Mike designed the soldier of the Hybrid Theory CD cover. in 2005 Mike Shinoda released his first solo project, Fort Minor. He wrote and recorded the lyrics anf the instrumental of the album. Not satisfied, Shinoda drew and painted all the art for the CD.

He knows how to speak a little bit Japanese, he is Dido's fan, he uses contact lenses, the songs that he most like to sing is Papercut, A Place for my Head and Lying From You. Mike says that the hardest part of staying in studio for two moths recording is to stay with Brad, because he never take showers.

He got a job as a graphic designer soon as he finished college.