Joe Hahn

Name: Joseph Hahn
Birth: March 15, 1977 – Dallas, Texas.
Nick names: Mr. Hahn and Joe.
Instruments: Motor-driven Turntables, Rane TTM 54 DJ mixer, AKAI MPC 2000, Emagic Logic Audio, Various effects, Shure M44-7 needles, Custom-made vinyl
Function: Turntables, Samples, Beats, & Sounds

Joe was born in Dallas, Texas, he grew up in Glendale, California. American Parents, descendants of Koreans. He has two older sisters. He was married in 2005 with Karen Benedit, he  has no kids.

He went to Hoover High School. He was interested in illustration, he started going to the Art Center College Of Design, he studied two years with Mike, but he changed to college of Movies.

He worked in Sphere and Phantoms, and worked with monsters in movies. Joe also worked on some productions, like making special effects for the TV show "Archive X". The video for Crawling was his first production with LP, Joe is involved in all the chips from the band, he gave the idea for One Step Closer". He produced around 6 videos in 2 years on working in that area. He also worked with other bands.He started working with music after a long time comparing with the other members.

He joined the band Xero as a DJ. Joe participated on the song "Slip Out The Back" by Fort Minor, and made a special remix of the song "Where'd you go" for the members of the Fort Minor's official fan club. He likes and was inspirited by Mery Kate and Ashley Olsen, he listens to U2. He loves the anime Gundam Wings, that's where the idea of the mannequins from Somewhere i Belong and the cartoon of Pts.Of.Athrty came from. He loves toys. In 2005 he came up with his own clothing line called SURU. The store is placed in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, he also sell his toys in the store, like the one that he designed, the Ningyo. Joe Hahn has double personalities, he call it "Remy" he is the one that appears in the beginning of CURE FOR THE ITCH, Remy is a liar, never say the truth about anything. Be careful! The members of the band warn the people that doesn't know Linkin Park to be careful with Joe, because he has the habit of making a lot of different stories about the band that aren't true. They say that every part of the world the band go to, Joe carry with him a toy called Mister Frog. Joe Hahn is the funniest member in the band, according to the band.

Joe says that everything that happened with the band so far is a miracle.