Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell

Name: David Michael Farrel
Function: Bass Player
Birth: 08/02/1977 - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Nicknames: Phi Phi, Phoenix
Equipments: Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray basses, Ampeg SVT Classic heads, Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets, Dean Markley Blue Steel strings,Dunlop Picks (.88), DBX 160 compressor, Monster cables, Sans Amp, Boss pedals, Whirlwind direct boxes, Shure wireless.

Phoenix was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts later when he was 5 years old he moved to Mission Viejo, California. American Parents, he has a older brother called Joe. He is married with Lindsey, in 2007 he had a daughter. He went to Mission Viejo High School, and for college he went to University of California. Was a little older he moved to Los Angeles.

Phoenix learned how to play guitar with his mom when he was in college. During that time, everyone was playing guitar, so he started playing bass. Weezer, Beatles, Deftones, The Roots, Bob Marley, Sarah McLachlan, Hughes & Wagner and Harrod & Funck are his biggest influences. In Phoenix's fist bands he played guitar. He started playing guitar when he joined the band The Snax, which was called Tasty Snax. The CDs that the band released were Run Joseph Run and The Snax.

Later, for schedule problems, he left The Snax and joined Hybrid Theory. During the recording of the first CD from Linkin Park, Phoenix went back to the Snax to make tours with the band, so he wasn't present during the Hybrid Theory recoding. On the beginning of 2001 he went back to Linkin park permanently, and brought with him Mark Fiore, which started to be the camera man for Linkin Park. Mark was the singer and guitarist of the band Snax.

Phoenix was present during the composition of some songs for Linkin Park, one of them are in  the Hybrid Theory CD, and he played string instruments for Reanimation.

He loves Mexican food and his favorite movie is Braveheart, and he would like to play drums. He is a really calm person, sometimes he seem to be in another planet. He likes Football and snowboard. In his back he has two tattoos, they are two phoenix, designed by him and Mike.