Brad Delson

Name: Bradford Philip Delson
Function: Guitarist
Date of Birth: 01/12/1977
Nicknames: Big Bad Brad, BBB
Equipments:  Ibanez guitars, PRS guitars, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads, Mesa Boogie cabinets, D'Addario strings (10XL), Boss Pedal effects, D'Addario cables, Dunlop picks (.83), Shure wireless.

Brad was born in Los Angeles, California. He is Jewish and American parents. He is married with Elisa, and he has no child's. Brad is really smart and handsome, the other members of the band says that he is always happy. Went to Agoura High School, where he met Mike Shinoda. After graduated, Brad went to University of California to study communications, and also met Dave Phoenix Farrel, they were roommates. Brad graduated in Communications.

Brad Delson got his first guitar when he was in 6th grade. He started playing guitar when he was eleven. He loved Metal bands, to imitate members from other bands, he left his hair long. He has a really curly hair, but he wanted it to be straight... It didn't work that well, so he had to cut it. Brad's first band was called "Pricks, 1994. Brad played with Rob on the band Relative Degree. The first CD that Brad ever bought was from Duran Duran - People are people. His favorite guitarists are Dave Matthews, and Stef from The Deftones. Brad use to write for the Guitar World Magazine,  the magazine was only for starter.

Brad and his father, Donn Delson, created the BandMerch. The company is responsible for the official items from Linkin Park and some other bands. The idea came when he was really worried about the band's brand and low quality products. With the BandMerch, Delson is sure that the fans will buy first class products and high quality.

In 2005, Brad worked with Fort Minor in the CD The Rising Tied, where he helped remixing the biggest Fort Minor's hit, Where'd You Go. The remix was made with a guitar.

Brad still uses big headphones in the Linkin Park shows. In each new release, Brad and Mike design his own headphone. No one know why he uses headphones. According to Brad, the headphones are his entering keys for his "Matrix". He always jokes that if he tells you why the headphones, he will have to kill you after.
Brad always have his toothbrush with him.

He played Bass when Phoenix wasn't present. His musical model is Chester.
He says that is he was a actor, he would be an actor in "Seinfield", because he really has sense of humor. If he wasn't a musician, he was probably studying justice.
During a show where the pedals of his guitar didn't work, he was so angry that he kicked a door and broke his foot.He never explained why he always take coats to shows. Chester says that is something related with the movie Matrix.

Brads most embarrassed moment was when a fan asked him a piece of his hair. He says that he is a big fan of the pop singer Britney Spears, which makes the other members really embarrassed, they say that he likes her just because of her physical attraction. When he is not doing anything, he try to find a movie theater to watch a good movie. He likes to be called Big Bad Brad (BBB), the way he signs his name.