Joe Hahn

Name: Joseph Hahn
Birth: March 15, 1977 – Dallas, Texas.
Nick names: Mr. Hahn and Joe.
Instruments: Motor-driven Turntables, Rane TTM 54 DJ mixer, AKAI MPC 2000, Emagic Logic Audio, Various effects, Shure M44-7 needles, Custom-made vinyl
Function: Turntables, Samples, Beats, & Sounds

Joe was born in Dallas, Texas, he grew up in Glendale, California. American Parents, descendants of Koreans. He has two older sisters. He was married in 2005 with Karen Benedit, he  has no kids.

He went to Hoover High School. He was interested in illustration, he started going to the Art Center College Of Design, he studied two years with Mike, but he changed to college of Movies.

He worked in Sphere and Phantoms, and worked with monsters in movies. Joe also worked on some productions, like making special effects for the TV show "Archive X". The video for Crawling was his first production with LP, Joe is involved in all the chips from the band, he gave the idea for One Step Closer". He produced around 6 videos in 2 years on working in that area. He also worked with other bands.He started working with music after a long time comparing with the other members.

He joined the band Xero as a DJ. Joe participated on the song "Slip Out The Back" by Fort Minor, and made a special remix of the song "Where'd you go" for the members of the Fort Minor's official fan club. He likes and was inspirited by Mery Kate and Ashley Olsen, he listens to U2. He loves the anime Gundam Wings, that's where the idea of the mannequins from Somewhere i Belong and the cartoon of Pts.Of.Athrty came from. He loves toys. In 2005 he came up with his own clothing line called SURU. The store is placed in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, he also sell his toys in the store, like the one that he designed, the Ningyo. Joe Hahn has double personalities, he call it "Remy" he is the one that appears in the beginning of CURE FOR THE ITCH, Remy is a liar, never say the truth about anything. Be careful! The members of the band warn the people that doesn't know Linkin Park to be careful with Joe, because he has the habit of making a lot of different stories about the band that aren't true. They say that every part of the world the band go to, Joe carry with him a toy called Mister Frog. Joe Hahn is the funniest member in the band, according to the band.

Joe says that everything that happened with the band so far is a miracle.

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Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell

Name: David Michael Farrel
Function: Bass Player
Birth: 08/02/1977 - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Nicknames: Phi Phi, Phoenix
Equipments: Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray basses, Ampeg SVT Classic heads, Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets, Dean Markley Blue Steel strings,Dunlop Picks (.88), DBX 160 compressor, Monster cables, Sans Amp, Boss pedals, Whirlwind direct boxes, Shure wireless.

Phoenix was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts later when he was 5 years old he moved to Mission Viejo, California. American Parents, he has a older brother called Joe. He is married with Lindsey, in 2007 he had a daughter. He went to Mission Viejo High School, and for college he went to University of California. Was a little older he moved to Los Angeles.

Phoenix learned how to play guitar with his mom when he was in college. During that time, everyone was playing guitar, so he started playing bass. Weezer, Beatles, Deftones, The Roots, Bob Marley, Sarah McLachlan, Hughes & Wagner and Harrod & Funck are his biggest influences. In Phoenix's fist bands he played guitar. He started playing guitar when he joined the band The Snax, which was called Tasty Snax. The CDs that the band released were Run Joseph Run and The Snax.

Later, for schedule problems, he left The Snax and joined Hybrid Theory. During the recording of the first CD from Linkin Park, Phoenix went back to the Snax to make tours with the band, so he wasn't present during the Hybrid Theory recoding. On the beginning of 2001 he went back to Linkin park permanently, and brought with him Mark Fiore, which started to be the camera man for Linkin Park. Mark was the singer and guitarist of the band Snax.

Phoenix was present during the composition of some songs for Linkin Park, one of them are in  the Hybrid Theory CD, and he played string instruments for Reanimation.

He loves Mexican food and his favorite movie is Braveheart, and he would like to play drums. He is a really calm person, sometimes he seem to be in another planet. He likes Football and snowboard. In his back he has two tattoos, they are two phoenix, designed by him and Mike.

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Rob Bourdon

Name: Robert Gregory Bourdon
Birth: January 20, 1979 - Calabasas, Califórnia
Function: Drummer/Percussionist 
Nickname: Rob
Equipments: Gretsch kit, Gibraltar Hardware, Zildjian cymbals, emo heads, Vater sticks, Rane headphone amp, Alesis DM-5 drum module, Shure E-1 in-ear monitors, D-drum trigger pads.

Rob was bornin Calabasas, California. He is Jew and son of American parents.  He has a youger brother called David. He’s not married and don’t have any childens. Rob doesn’t have any tattoos because his religion does not allow.

He droped out high school to dedicate the band. because of that he doesn’t have a diploma.

When he was a child he was forced to play piano.  Today, he always plays when he has time.  When he was 9 years old, he went in The Great Western Forum to see a Aerosmith’s concert, this was his first concert. Some people say that his mother was the girlfrindfrom the drummer from Aerosmith and she helped them to choose the name of the band. Because of that, Rob wanted play drums in a big band. When he was 10 years old, rob started to play songs from other bands with his friends. He says that was amazing when he saw the name of his band in the theater where he was inspired. He played in a lot of bands when he was young. One of the bands he played with Brad Delson. The group was call Relative Degree, they played rock with rap and funk. The only objective was play in The Roxy, when they finally played there, the band broke. When he started the high school he liked funk.

Later, Rob joined with Brad and Mike, together they formed Xero, which in the future became Linkin Park.

ALthough Rob is not a model for Matrix (clothing line), Rob usually uses the brand's shirts in concertes (You can see him wearing a Matrix's shirt on the Points of Authority's live video).

For Rob, everything has to be perfect, when he was a child, he stayed three hours in a corner of his house trying to learn how to tie his shoe's laces. According to the band, he don't mess up not even on the band's practices. Rob didn't have to re-record anything for Reanimation. But he decided to hear the work from his bandmates, and express his opnions. If he didn't like something, he had to tell the band, they  had to change everything until they get it the rigth way. Rob plays drumms with car pilot's shoes. He says that it gives him more control with the pedals. He likes to play piano and surf when he have time. Rob was once a waiter. his 

most exciting moment was when the band received gold for the CD Hybrid Theory.

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Brad Delson

Name: Bradford Philip Delson
Function: Guitarist
Date of Birth: 01/12/1977
Nicknames: Big Bad Brad, BBB
Equipments:  Ibanez guitars, PRS guitars, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads, Mesa Boogie cabinets, D'Addario strings (10XL), Boss Pedal effects, D'Addario cables, Dunlop picks (.83), Shure wireless.

Brad was born in Los Angeles, California. He is Jewish and American parents. He is married with Elisa, and he has no child's. Brad is really smart and handsome, the other members of the band says that he is always happy. Went to Agoura High School, where he met Mike Shinoda. After graduated, Brad went to University of California to study communications, and also met Dave Phoenix Farrel, they were roommates. Brad graduated in Communications.

Brad Delson got his first guitar when he was in 6th grade. He started playing guitar when he was eleven. He loved Metal bands, to imitate members from other bands, he left his hair long. He has a really curly hair, but he wanted it to be straight... It didn't work that well, so he had to cut it. Brad's first band was called "Pricks, 1994. Brad played with Rob on the band Relative Degree. The first CD that Brad ever bought was from Duran Duran - People are people. His favorite guitarists are Dave Matthews, and Stef from The Deftones. Brad use to write for the Guitar World Magazine,  the magazine was only for starter.

Brad and his father, Donn Delson, created the BandMerch. The company is responsible for the official items from Linkin Park and some other bands. The idea came when he was really worried about the band's brand and low quality products. With the BandMerch, Delson is sure that the fans will buy first class products and high quality.

In 2005, Brad worked with Fort Minor in the CD The Rising Tied, where he helped remixing the biggest Fort Minor's hit, Where'd You Go. The remix was made with a guitar.

Brad still uses big headphones in the Linkin Park shows. In each new release, Brad and Mike design his own headphone. No one know why he uses headphones. According to Brad, the headphones are his entering keys for his "Matrix". He always jokes that if he tells you why the headphones, he will have to kill you after.
Brad always have his toothbrush with him.

He played Bass when Phoenix wasn't present. His musical model is Chester.
He says that is he was a actor, he would be an actor in "Seinfield", because he really has sense of humor. If he wasn't a musician, he was probably studying justice.
During a show where the pedals of his guitar didn't work, he was so angry that he kicked a door and broke his foot.He never explained why he always take coats to shows. Chester says that is something related with the movie Matrix.

Brads most embarrassed moment was when a fan asked him a piece of his hair. He says that he is a big fan of the pop singer Britney Spears, which makes the other members really embarrassed, they say that he likes her just because of her physical attraction. When he is not doing anything, he try to find a movie theater to watch a good movie. He likes to be called Big Bad Brad (BBB), the way he signs his name.

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Mike Shinoda

Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Function: Guitarist, Keyboard and Vocal
Birth: 11/02/77 - Agoura, Califórnia
Nicknames: Akira, Shinizzle, Spike Minoda, Mike
Equipments: Audio Technica wireless mic, PRS guitars, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads, Mesa Boogie cabinets, Digidesign Protools software & hardware, Anteres software, Waves software, Emagic hardware, Roland keyboard modules, AKAI S-900 & MPC 2000 
Mike Shinoda, as we know, was born in Panorama City, California, and grew up in Agoura. American Parents, Father descendant to Japanese and Mother descendant from Europeans, he says that he is related to the famous Tchaikowsky. He has a younger brother called Jason. He is married to the writer Anna Hillinger, he has two dogs and a son that was born in February 2009.

When he was younger, he took piano classes for 10 years, he was tired of it , when he turned 13 he started with keyboard, samples and then guitar, he also knows how to play bass and knows how to play most of the instruments with strings. While he was learning piano, he learned some tricks for classic piano, he started playing jazz and then he went to the hip-hop. He met Brad in middle school, since then they are friends, Mike and Brad created a small studio in Mike's room, where they recorded and wrote some songs. He studied Graphic Design and got his masters in Illustration at the Art College of Design. In the end of high school he met Rob Bourdon, which joined the group and created the band Xero, then he met David Farrell, "Phoenix" Brad's roommate at UCLA, then Mark Wakefield (he left the band before it was called Hybrid Theory). After a while Chester joined them, and finally they created Linkin Park.

Mike is also the co-producer of all the records of the band.

His arts is a mix of cultures, Japanese/American ancestors, guerilla street art and his music experiences.There are many musicians that also paint,  if Mike wanted to, he could be an artist, but his hobby is the music. Mike's talent and abilities are on both areas, art and music.

Mike helped with all the art for all the albums and promotional materials for Linkin Park and Fort Minor, he designed for the DC Shows Remix Series, he was on the tv show Kid Robot to benefit the victims of the Katrina Hurricane, also he contributed with objects from celebrities for auctions such as guitars, drawings, etc...
During College, Mike went to classes at 9 am until 4 pm. Then he did his homework, usually 6 hours a day, then he went to the studio to meet with the band. The problem was that eh studio locked its door at 2 am until 8 am, no one could get in or get out, so Mike always brought with him his tooth brush and a pillow, worked the whole night, and slept for a couple hours, until they could open studio so they could get out.

Mike designed the soldier of the Hybrid Theory CD cover. in 2005 Mike Shinoda released his first solo project, Fort Minor. He wrote and recorded the lyrics anf the instrumental of the album. Not satisfied, Shinoda drew and painted all the art for the CD.

He knows how to speak a little bit Japanese, he is Dido's fan, he uses contact lenses, the songs that he most like to sing is Papercut, A Place for my Head and Lying From You. Mike says that the hardest part of staying in studio for two moths recording is to stay with Brad, because he never take showers.

He got a job as a graphic designer soon as he finished college.

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Chester Bennington

Nickname  : The Chemist, CB, Chaz                                                    
Birth Name: Chester Charles Bennington
Graduated from : Washington High School in 1994.                             
Height : 5' 10" (1.78 m)                                               
Spouse : Talinda Bentley.                                                                  
Siblings:Two half sisters and one half brother, Brian.

Before Grey Daze, when Chester was 15 he played in a band called "Sean Dowdell and Friends" in which he was the lead singer. Currently the only existing evidence of this band is a 3 song tape that includes the following songs: "Painted Pictures" "Kill The Flies" and "God's Afraid".
Before Linkin Park, Chester played in 'Grey Daze' which recorded two albums, 'No Sun Today' and 'Wake Me' until later breaking-up. Xero were searching for a new vocalist in the wake of Mark Wakefield's departure and started handing out demo tapes to try and find a replacement. After listening to the tape and liking what he heard, Chester wrote lyrics and recorded them over the tracks, then sent the tape back to the band. On his 23rd birthday in '99, Chester received a phone call from his Zomba contact saying the band were interested to meet him in person to try out for the lead vocalist spot. Chester flew to Southern California and met the Xero bandmates, then proceeded to completely blow them away in the audition. Not only did he impress the band, his performance also intimidated another vying candidate into leaving before his audition! Chester was a shoe-in for the vocalist spot. The band soon renamed themselves to Hybrid Theory and released their first material recorded with Chester on the 'Hybrid Theory EP' soon afterwards in '99. Hybrid Theory would later change their name to Linkin Park.Bennington is often labeled as the main source of raw emotion found in many of Linkin Park's songs. This stems from a problematic childhood plagued with the divorcing of his parents, sexual molestation, and heavy drug and alcohol abuse. Through writing music, Chester therapeutically released his pent-up frustration and anger. Instead of making the messages of his songs solely about himself, Chester's writing style uses universal emotions and relatable themes instead of situational lyrics to deliver his stories and help others. For this reason, Chester is regarded as a role model for millions of people who can relate to his messages.
Chester has a few other side projects except Linkin Park. What initially began forming in 2005, ultimately became Chester working alongside Amir Derakh, Brandon Belsky, Elias Andra, and Anthony "Fu" Valcic of Julien K & Ryan Shuck of Orgy to form the side-project, Dead By Sunrise. The band released their debut album "Out Of Ashes" October 19th 2008 and have played a number of shows in Europe. Chester also performs with his cover band, Bucket Of Weenies from time to time too, a band dedicated to performing classic rock hits. BOW is a collaboration of Chester on vocals, Ryan Shuck on guitar, Mike "Cheez" Brown on bass, Mike Rouse on guitar & Sean Dowdell on drums.
Chester has also devoted his talents to other projects outside of music, which include his very own clothing line in Ve' Cel, a label comprised of edgy designs aimed at embracing uniqueness and individuality in fashion. Chester also has a creative outlet in his tattoo business, Club Tattoo, which is a part-owned enterprise with long time friends Sean Dowdell and Thora Dowdell.
Chester has designed some clothing for a company called Replicant, owned by Korn's Head and Orgy's Ryan Shuck
Chester's siblings are children from one of his step-parent's previous marraige. Chester's biological parents got divorced when he was 11.
Chester was the one who came up with the name Linkin Park. It was originally supposed to be spelled "Lincoln" but since the band couldn't afford to buy the domain name from its owner, they changed the spelling in order to buy
Chester adopted his oldest son's brother. He now has four sons: Jaime, Draven, Tyler, and Isaiah.

"I was a geek who thought I was cool. I didn't hang out with a particular clique, but with different people from different cliques. I was a total nerd, trying to fit in. Luckily, I found music and that was my niche. That sorta took me out of my geekdom. I was never invited to parties as a teenager - I turned up with the popular people. That's where the lyrics to 'Guilty By Association' came from."
"What I enjoy most about being in the band is having the opportunity to create and perform music with amazing musicians who have also become closest of friends. I would like to thank all who support us and make all of this possible."

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Linkin Park : The Band

                             "A bend in the road is not the end of the road"

The signature sound that would become Linkin Park's calling card was the brainchild of two high school friends, Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson. The two envisioned a band that would defy categorization, blending some of their favorite styles of music in ways that had never been heard before. Mike was the classically trained musician whose roots were based in the South Californian hip-hop scene, while Brad was the avid guitarist whose influences included the likes of Guns 'N' Roses and the Deftones. Both decided to form a band that would fuse their favorite styles of music into one sound. That band was Xero.
Xero was formed in 1996, the same year the two graduated from Agoura High School in California. They recruited drummer Rob Bourdon, who had played with Brad in the band Relative Degree earlier during their tenure at Agoura High School. After graduating, Mike decided to attend Pasadena, California's Art College of Design, where he met Joseph Hahn, an aspiring illustrator and practicing DJ. Mike asked Joe to sign on to join the band. Joe was considered a perfect fit for the band, someone who could add another dimension of sound to the band's resume. Meanwhile, Brad was accepted into UCLA and roomed with a bass player by the name of Dave Farrell. Farrell was soon added to Xero's line-up.
Xero recorded a four-track cassette sampler in 1997 with another Agoura High School acquaintance, Mark Wakefield, as lead vocalist. The tape was released locally in 1997. After garnering attention doing minor shows for friends, the band hooked the opening slot for a System of a Down show at the Los Angeles club 'The Whisky'. Executives from Zomba Music were at the concert and signed the band to a development deal directly after the concert. The guys realized they had something special on their hands and started to get more serious, sensing they had a future in the music business. Despite their efforts over the next three years, Xero were rejected by every major and independent label in the business. Something was missing.
So the band made a difficult choice. Wakefield was dropped from the original line-up and the band sent out feelers through Zomba to see if there were any vocalists out there looking for a band. Zomba's VP of A&R, Jeff Blue, had heard of a promising vocalist from Phoenix through a friend at a recent music conference. His name was Chester Bennington. Blue knew Bennington was looking for a new band, and gave him a call.
Chester received the call from Blue during a surprise party on his twenty-third birthday in 1999. He was told there was an up-and-coming band in Los Angeles looking for a new vocalist. The next day, a package arrived in Chester's mailbox, containing two Xero demos; one with Mark Wakefield's vocals, and the other with solely the instrumental tracks. Upon hearing the music, Chester thought the band had potential, and wrote parts for the songs based on his own interpretation of the tracks. He went to a local studio to record vocals over the instrumentals, and emerged three days later with finished parts. The tape was mailed back to Blue. Two days later, Bennington was in Hollywood at Xero's rehearsal space, auditioning for the lead vocalist position. He was so impressive that another vocalist vying for the same spot left the tryout before auditioning! Chester was a shoe-in for the band. After adding Chester, the band renamed themselves to Hybrid Theory and started writing new material. Soon, a six-track EP named the 'Hybrid Theory EP' was recorded.
The band then took advantage of the internet as a marketing tool, and posted their account all over message boards and chat rooms on the websites of similar artists. A steady fan-base grew and multiplied, and the band began to gain serious buzz on the Internet. Soon they opened up a street team, designed to acquire fans to promote the band by getting the word out on their music. About one thousand copies of the 'Hybrid Theory EP' were pressed and sent out to street team members for promotion.
The band then recorded an album of nine demos that was shipped out to numerous record companies via their contacts at Zomba. Although the demos gained some interest, granting the band with forty-two separate showcases for labels in 1999, they were met with denial every single time. No one seemed to be biting. For most bands, this would usually be the time to hang up their instruments and give up hope, but Hybrid Theory kept pushing onwards, refusing to succumb to the repeated rejection.
Luckily, the band still had someone who believed in them: Jeff Blue. Blue left Zomba and joined Warner Bros Records in 2000. After resolving a legal issue with another band concerning their name, the band, newly named Linkin Park, were finally signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2000, largely in part to Blue. The wheels were in motion. The band had persevered.
With a well-deserved record contract signed and in their back pockets, the band turned to writing their first album. Debut albums are often a band's only chance to show their label they're worth the money being invested in them, and the pressure is paramount. The music industry isn't prone to give second chances. Linkin Park knew they had to write an impressive album, and their first step was to find the right producer for their debut. At first, the label and band had troubles finding a producer willing to take the helm for a new band. Many newly signed acts lack the focus and skill to be successful, and present a challenge for producers. Blue proposed the project to numerous producers but many declined, not willing to give the band a chance. Finally, they found Don Gilmore. With Don at the helm, Linkin Park wrote and recorded their debut album 'Hybrid Theory' in four weeks. Many of the songs were rewritten versions of the previous demos they had sent out to record labels. It was a huge risk. These were slightly modified and polished versions of the songs that had gotten them rejected by virtually every record label on numerous occasions. The band had taken a risk, and waited to see if it would pay off.
October 24th, 2000: The most important date of their careers. 'Hybrid Theory' was released to the public. The lead single 'One Step Closer' was starting to get serious airplay on radio and television networks. The band themselves were getting increasing media attention. Tour dates were selling out. Within five weeks of 'Hybrid Theory's release, the album had been certified Gold by the RIAA, signifying 500,000 units sold. The band had officially made it after five years of hard work.

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